A delayed Happy New Year to everyone!! This post has come later than I would have liked, but I guess ‘better late than never’. 2016 has been nothing short of brilliant so far, so I have greater expectations for the rest of the year.

Now i’m sure you know already that I love to travel and experience new cultures, and of course taste the local delicasses. But travelling for me is more than just a holiday, or collecting stamps in my passport, it’s an opportunity for me to learn about myself and the way in which others live. However as much as I love to do this, I realised it can become a major distraction. There are a number of things I would like to accomplish within a specific time frame, and in order for these goals to be met I have come to the painful conclusion that some thing’s just have to give.

Now abstaining from travelling was never an option, nor was giving up other things I love and enjoy however, I’ve decided to be intentional with prioritising my future ventures, university, as well as my social life in order of importance. It’s funny some may call me dramatic, but I almost see it as a temporary loss. I’m a firm believer in deferred gratification and so I’m making a conscious effort to focus on the bigger picture rather than the now, whilst maintaining the stance that I must enjoy the present.

As a result I’ve come up with a bucket list of things that I would like to do this year. So as I complete each one I will be ticking them off.

Bucket list 2016:

Skiing holiday

Horse riding lessons

Volunteering: Liberty

Go to a music festival

Go hiking somewhere in England

Eat at a vegan restaurant

Learn to play the drums

Fly first class

Go camping

Driving a Formula 1 car experience

Visit the London Eye / Shard

See the Lion King in theatre

Learn how to use a sewing machine

Witness the birth of a baby

Go on a road trip

Go scuba diving

…Amongst a whole load of other things! You may be thinking this post is timely as my birthday is approaching very soon however, I’ve had my goals for the New Years set since December but decided to do a bucket list alongside my major goals.

‘The saying goes, work hard, play hard’.  If you’ll like to join me why not share some of the things you’ll like to do this new year!