Now I’m not one to broadcast the specifics of my life, however this year has been a particularly good year. This is a brief overview of how I’ve been blessed beyond measure…


Since completing my undergraduate degree in May 2014, I graduated in November 2014. Throughout that time, I was applying for jobs, admittedly not half as much or as thoroughly as I should have been. So I guess the results were a reflection of my efforts, not many interviews were forthcoming and those that I did get I did not get the jobs. Now I told myself that regardless of how desperate I became I would not go back to retail (personal preference) and so in September 2014, I was blessed with a job working at a secondary school as a learning support assistant –  this is a job that I did not even apply for, the way in which I got this job was a miracle in itself.


Little did I know that all the skills and the experience gained during my time there would be what I would refer to at future interviews. The hours were awkward and the pay wasn’t great, for a 22-year-old who still wanted to have a social life, the pay wasn’t really cutting It and to be quite frank I never imagined finding myself in a seemingly hopeless situation. I refused to take things for granted because although it was a means to an end, whilst I was there I knew I had so much more to offer than what the job entailed.


Whilst working at the school, I applied for a masters in social work course through UCAS in January 2015, and received 4 out of 5 interviews of which I received a confirmation of my place at my first choice university in April 2015 (this is a blog for another day, God really had my back). In that very same month I was offered a job as a children and family support worker which Is the role I had wanted since graduating university. Now this is where it gets interesting, again in that same month I attended an assessment day for a volunteer project abroad of which 2 days after getting a new job I was offered a place with a charity called ICS – Tearfund to volunteer in Bolivia for 10 weeks. That month showed me the true meaning of “My year of open doors”.


Now all was going well, however something definitely had to give. Throughout this time, I had been volunteering with Victim support for over 2 years and also at a project run by volunteer matters in Croydon council working with families placed on a child protection plan/ child in need. I had to make the difficult decision of either not going to Bolivia or not taking up the job offer. Either way I knew I had to make a decision and make it fast. The first decision was quite simple I resigned from my job at the secondary school in March 2015 and so I was working at the family business for a few months before these window of opportunities came flooding my way.


Its funny because the very things we pray to God to bless us with is what he gives us, however we don’t pray for the grace to make the right decisions which I found paramount and relevant at this particular stage in my life.


In an attempt not to bore you, I decided to let the job know that I would not be able to take up their offer as my volunteer project abroad started in less than 6 weeks. The nature of the job required me to do at least 6 months as I would be given a number of cases and working with children and families. This was a tough decision because this is the very job I had wanted ever since graduating, as it would have provided me with invaluable experience leading up to my MA in social work. Anyway God came through again and I received an email just a few days before going abroad informing me that the job would be there for me upon arrival.


Fast forward to December 2015 I’ve completed my first semester of MA Social work degree whilst working flexible hours as a children and family support worker. I still help out occasionally at the family nursery, I’ll be interviewing and assessing future volunteers for ICS projects abroad, and I am starting my placement in February 2016 as a student social worker at a drug and alcohol recovery service and I can not wait to see what 2016 has in store for me. The only way is up!


I really feel like 2015 was the year that God revealed himself to me in ways that I could never imagine.  Yes there will be challenges along the way however continue to keep God at the centre of everything.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year in advance and I hope to be blogging more frequently in the New Year. xXx