After spending a good hour contemplating on a title for this blog, I decided to just start typing. Then I quickly realised I needed a topic to write about. In my mind I had completely underestimated the brain energy needed to type a blog article. Yet here I am typing about the process in which I found myself trying to write this blog. Ironic! This has been a long time coming and in hindsight I should have started blogging from the moment I found out I was selected on this volunteer placement abroad to Bolivia.

It really has been a journey thus far and I’m not even en route yet. From the interview process, to the waiting to find out if I had got a place, to the fabulous orientation week, to the realisation that I had 10 weeks to reach my £1500 target. Amongst all of that, trying to have a social life whilst working and receiving coursework from university. (I further digress) In summary a lot has happened leading up to today (departure day).

The journey officially begins now! This is the point where I decide to name this ‘The Interlude’…With an 11.5 hour flight to Brazil and a 10 hour layover ahead of me I’m buzzing to see what 10 weeks in Bolivia has in store for my team and I!

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